Airgas National Carbonation 

Your Reliable Single Source Supplier

custom programs so you never run out of gas


As a vertically-integrated CO2 company, Airgas brings to bear the full weight of its resources in production, distribution and safety. Airgas Carbonic and Airgas Dry Ice produce and distribute CO2 in large quantities, using tanker trucks and rail cars. Airgas National Carbonation delivers to MicroBulk customers spanning industries such as restaurants, bars, convenience stores, water parks, dry cleaners, fire suppression systems and microbreweries. Our Airgas regional companies handle the distribution of 20-lb. and 50-lb. high-pressure cylinders, drawing from their asset base of more than 10 million cylinders! In short, we have the capabilities to meet your CO2 needs!

• Proactive customer service
• Deliveries that fit your schedule
• Telemetry systems and 24/7 call service
• You get what you want when you want it