Airgas National Carbonation 


worry-free carbonation

The Airgas National Carbonation MicroBulk system is the cleanest, safest and most efficient carbonation system available. It provides a low-pressure system along with greater carbonation capacity (each tank is equal to nine cylinders), eliminating costly run-outs and the hassles of changing cylinders.

Airgas MicroBulk system gives the added benefits of:


• Accurate monitoring of your carbonation
• No more costly run-out
• Eliminate the hassles of changing cylinders
• Proactive customer service/deliveries that fit your schedule
• Telemetry systems and 24/7 call service


• Beverage-grade carbonation
• Uninterrupted carbonation means the perfect drink every time
• Product quality is guaranteed


• No more constantly changing cylinders
• Filling occurs from the outside of the building
• CO2 monitors constantly sample atmosphere for safe operation


• The MicroBulk system reduces usage up to 30% (compared to
   cylinder usage)
• No more flat drinks, wasted cups, or residual CO2 in switched cylinders